Welcome to the Llandaff City Busy Bees Nursery School and Out of School Care Website.

Pre-School Care and Education for children aged 2 – 5 years and Out of School Care for children attending Llandaff City Church in Wales Primary School.

We are a private pre school and out of school care provision. We are located in car park of Llandaff City Primary School at the top of Hendre Close, and serve the school by providing the on site Out of School Provision .  We are open throughout the year for nursery school, closing for 2 weeks at Christmas, 1 week at Easter, Bank Holidays and August. For Out of School Care provision at LLandaff City Primary School, we open for term times only, and provide out of school care for children aged between 4 and 11 years, attending Llandaff City Church in Wales Primary before and after school.

We accept children under the 30 hour Childcare Offer, as a private nursery you’d be able to claim 17.5 hours during term time with us, and up to 30 hours during any holiday periods,  please contact us for availability and information on our Offer Sessions.

Activities include Painting, Playdough, Crafts, Baking, Natural materials, water and sand, creative play, outdoor play, group activities,  language, literacy and numeracy activities, writing skills.

We provide a wide and varied curriculum tailored to the needs of our children. We have a firm focus on learning through play and preparing our children for their next stage of education

Children have access to a broad range of learning through play experiences, enabling them to grow in confidence, make friends, become independent and be prepared for school.

We hold twice yearly Parent Sessions, Christmas and End of Year Celebrations.  We celebrate lots of festivals throughout the year, and enjoy learning Welsh.

To apply for a place with us, please complete Application forms A and B, and return to us at teambusy@outlook.com or hand in to nursery at The Hive,  School House, 28 Hendre Close between 8 – 5.30.  Please email us to enquire about places at the out of school care at Llandaff City Primary.

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We enjoy working with and building relationships with our families over the many years of schooling, providing a friendly, warm, and consistent service for all our customers.