Snack time

As a nursery school, we are registered with the Gold Standard Healthy Snack Award Scheme, this means staff are trained in nutrition and provide healthy savoury snacks. We are mindful of sugar and salt contents in our foods, and aim to encourage a love of fruits and vegetables. We have a new nursery garden, and have plans to grow lots of things that we can use for snack and in our lunch and tea menus in the year to come. Snack consists of a fruit salad, with toast, breadsticks, rice cakes or crackers, home made whenever we can.  We occasionally make sweet treats to bring home, or to celebrate a special event.  To make sure all are involved in celebrations, to include any allergies and dietary requirements,  our policy is not to have birthday cakes brought into Bees, but if you let us know, we can bake one at Bees, for everyone to share.